Announcing our competition winners from The National Exhibition

After a long time spent counting and then counting again (!) we’re pleased to now be able to announce the winners of our competition from the National Exhibition this weekend.

We asked you to guess how many of our orange eggfood feeders we had crammed into a bird cage, the closest 5 guesses to the correct amount will receive a 5 Kg box of our Supablend eggfood.

There were 1752 eggfood drawers in our cage.

The 5 winners, who will each be sent a box of 5 Kg Supablend are:

1) A Read who guessed 1673

2) T Mooney who guessed 2000

3) M Burke who guessed 2000

4) T Wood who guessed 1500

5) J Balme who guessed 2020

Congratulations to you all. We’ll be contacting you this week to ask you which variety of eggfood (dry, moist or bianco) you would like us to send.

Many thanks again to everyone who took part.