Will Apaderm Spray erradicate mites completely?

Apaderm Spray is for external use to help repel external parasites and insects. This can be used every 2-3 weeks or as needed. An important thing to remember regarding external parasites is that they tend to burrow into and nest in wood. This is a big problem in the UK as many breeders prefer to use wooden cages! So cages and elements like wooden perches make it nearly impossible to eradicate the parasites. As such Apaderm spray and other anti-mite products do need to be reapplied to keep on top of the problem.

Apaderm Spray should be sprayed directly on the bird, concentrating under the wings. The thing to be careful of is that the chicks are not sprayed so heavily as to wet their fluffy feathers down (which would expose them to cold drafts etc.).