My bird has sticky, stringy paste-like droppings but they’re not watery like diarrhoea. What can I use to treat it?

Stringy, dark, foul-smelling faeces – this it often due to an excessive protein content in the bird’s diet. In this case, reduce the quantity of protein fed and add more Biointegra to the feed mix (in canaries up to 20% of total feed content) until the problem passes. Additionally, with the intestinal tract in this state, it is a good idea to protect against coccidiosis, so go ahead and give Nuovo Apacox at the standard prevention dose of 1 mL/liter of drinking water for one week. This can be given immediately while upping Biointegra quantities. Once the faeces have returned to normal, keep the protein content in check and go back to the standard Biointegra quantity and monthly coccidiosis prevention.

Note: The above suggestions are for canaries; for other bird species, specifically woodland birds like goldfinches, their diet contains a relatively small amount of feed as they eat more seeds and grains. In these cases, Biointegra can even constitute 20-30% of the feed mix.”

UPDATE – What would be suitable to treat a Cockatiel with this issue?

For the cockatiel 20% Biointegra is fine. It would also help to add 1/4 teaspoon of Eubiotic to the daily ration for 1 week (in addition to Biointegra).