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What causes black spot disease in chicks and how can I eliminate it?

Typically the infection which causes the enlarged gallbladder (presented as a black spot) is in the gastrointestinal tract, passed from the parents to the chicks. Thus our GR products (Nuovo GR and GR Micro) contain a blend of extracts which help combat pathogenic bacteria and fungi in the intestine/digestive tract, as well as boost immune system function. The black spot we see is purely a visable symptom, not the actual cause of the illness and subsequent death. These infections in extremely young chicks come directly from the parents, so that’s why we suggest preventative cycles of Nuovo GR (or GR Micro) in the parents in preparation for the reproductive period. Use of GR Micro in the chicks’ feed is extremely important, as the microencapsulated powder is released directly into the duodenum, where the active ingredients are most effective against the bacteria.

In light of the above, there are two additional aspects which are fundamental to eliminating proliferation of the bacteria which cause black spot and which breeders should know. First, use of a product like Biointegra to increase good intestional microflora to promote a stronger immune system and help avoid growth of infections. Second, avoiding the indescriminate use of antibiotics, which (when not necessary) debilitate the immune system, destroy good bacterial colonies in the intestine and make it much easier for the “bad”bacteria to take hold and develop.

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