I have blackspot in my week old Irish Fancy Canary chicks. I was told this is coccidiosis, how can I treat it?

“To address the black spot problem in the Irish fancy canaries: the black spot is the animal’s enlarged gallbladder, consequence of an infection, typically gastrointestinal. It is not possible that a 7 day old chick already has lesions due to coccidia, as the protozoa’s lifecycle requires more time to develop and begin causing lesions, even if the parents had passed the coccidia
on to the chicks.

In the future, it would be ideal to provide the parents with monthly cycles of Nuovo GR (in the drinking water) to stimulate immune system function and help reduce bacteria levels. GR Micro should be used in the feed once the chicks are hatched. Biointegra is always a good choice, as it aids development of positive intestinal microflora which in turn boosts immune system.”

For more information on the cause of black spot and how Greenvet products work to eliminate it please also see the post on black spot disease in chicks.