I’m currently using Breedmax. How does your Nuovo Apasprint compare?

The two are difficult to compare as although both are used to promote fertility, they differ in how they approach this. Whereas Breedmax is a supplement that contains vitamins, proteins and amino acids that are valuable to get the birds in optimal condition for successful reproduction, Nuovo Apasprint contains natural extracts that act to stimulate the production of hormones responsible for fertility.

Nuovo Apasprint works differently with regard to the classic vitamins given to stimulate reproduction (like Vitamin A and E). It contains a blend of extracts which act on the central nervous system (the pineal gland) by increasing the natural stimulation of the gland by daylight (this process is naturally occurring in birds, it is simply increased through use of the extracts in Nuovo Apasprint). Clearly, if the light/dark balance is incorrect or if light is not sufficient or present at all, the reproductive process will not be stimulated. During preparation for the breeding period, seasonal changes in daylight (not so much temperature, but intensity/duration of daylight) alter the birds’ reproduction stimulation, especially in males. Therefore, it is fundamental to start use of Nuovo Apasprint in the males at least 2 weeks prior to starting use in females. If the males are not fully ready for reproduction, they may still attempt to mount the females but without results (they do not yet have sufficient sperm production/count). Therefore in the earliest nests, we often find unfertilized eggs.

Looking at the economy of Breedmax vs Apasprint: Breedmax needs to be used at much greater quantities to be effective. Breedmax dosage is significantly higher, at 10% of feed. This equates to 100 grams per Kg, whereas Nuovo Apasprint only requires 5 grams per Kg of feed. This is a substantial difference, Nuovo Apasprint uses just 5% of the quantity that Breedmax is dosed at. So there will be a significant cost saving here (i.e. 100 g bottle of Nuovo Apasprint is enough for 20 Kg of food (price £10 per 100 g), whereas 3 Kg of Breedmax is enough for 30 Kg of food (prices typically ca. £30 for 3 Kg).