Chris and Sam Goodall take the coveted Hadden Trophy & take several wins at the Welsh & English Nationals

Won at several shows worldwide, including the 2015 Welsh National and 2014 English National. Feeding Supablend dry.

We are the only canary breeders to have won the coveted Hadden trophy! It was won for best bird in the show at the English National on more than one occassion, contributing to our record for the most wins with “best canary” at the National show.

We also won best and second best Norwich and best unflighted and best fighted at the recent Welsh National.

We are firm believers in Supablend eggfood. For the first time in over 60 years of breeding canaries we are not using soaked seed, such is our faith in the eggfood.

We reared over 100 youngsters from 16 hens using just Supablend dry with cous cous and frozen peas added, and seed from the hoppers. We prefer using Supablend dry over the moist because any additives like vitamins, probiotics, calcium etc, can easily be added to the water with the cous cous and are then absorbed into the Supablend eggfood.

Chris & Sam Goodall. Norwich. Submitted February 2015.

Proudly holding the Hadden trophy:

hadden trophy chris goodall