Using Supablend dry since 2011; Chris and Sam Goodall are the most successful canary exhibitors ever, winning best canary 4 years out of 5 at the National and best bird in show 1997 & 1998.

Chris & Sam Goodall, Canary Breeders, Norwich, UK.

“I’ve been using SUPABLEND for a few years for my Colour Canaries, cannot fault it. For the price it has got to be the best on the market. I breed 100+ a year.”

Mick Burke, Colour Canary Breeder, Derbyshire, UK.

Amongst the top Canary breeders and exhibitors in the world; Ken and the late Fred Rix were involved in testing and developing Supablend eggfood for 2 years before it went on sale. 

Exhibiting Crested Canaries, they have won the national 16 times with Best Crest, 14 times with Best Old Variety, Best Canary and Best U/F in show with a Variegated Crest Cock. They report great success feeding their birds on Supablend products. They’ve also won the Crested Canary Club show 17 times with unflighted birds.   

Ken & Fred Rix, Crested Canary Breeders, Derbyshire, UK.

I have used supablend for the last two years with excellent results. The birds feed on it well and I have had a high number of chicks since using it.  Last year; 2014 , from 16 hens I reared 78 only losing a few, which is normal. As with all supapets products ,it is first class and excellent value.

Nigel Patrick. Canary Breeder, Derbyshire, UK.