Is there a GreenVet product that will treat air sac mite?

Unfortunately, no. We have not yet found a herbal remedy for this little pest so the Vet suggests using Ivermectin. Apply ONE drop of the Ivermectin solution (make sure you have the correct Ivermectin product for your bird as the dosage will differ) to each affected bird at the base of the neck between their shoulder blades. If after 40 days the birds still show signs of the mites, repeat. It is important to note that Ivermectin should NEVER be given in the 2 – 2 1/2 months prior to breeding, as the eggs will likely be sterile (this is only a temporary problem).  Following (and during) Ivermectin
use we suggest use of a probiotic such as Eubiotic (2-3 grams per kg of feed for 2-3 days) to help repopulate microflora within the intestional tract. This is also advised for antibiotic treatments.
In the specific case of Ivermectin, it is metabolized by the liver, so something to detoxify the liver is also advised. For this we suggest a cycle of Apasyl (30-45 days) following treatment with Ivermectin.”