Which product is best to stop diarrhoea?

This depends on the cause.
The best prevention for diarrhoea is to use Biointegra daily to improve the intestinal microflora.
This being said, if you need an emergency remedy (for example following antibiotic use) then use Eubiotic. Eubiotic contains live active cultures to reintroduce the microflora destroyed by the antibiotics.
Additionally if the diarrhoea is caused by internal parasites, which is probable if the diarrhoea is watery (i.e. the faeces are part faecal matter and part clear water), then give APA 3.
Lastly, excessive use of synthetic vitamins and minerals can also cause diarrhoea. These synthetic elements create an osmotic effect which blocks the intestine from reabsorbing the liquids present in the faeces, thus causing diarrhoea. In this case, suspending use of synthetic vitamins and/or minerals and replacing with Biointegra or other natural source will resolve this problem.”