Welcome to Supablend

old supablend logoThe Supablend brand products are developed by and brought to you by Supapets, Derby, UK.

The Supablend brand was established in 1985 by Clive Middleton, an ex-farmer turned coal miner, turned pet shop owner. A very customer oriented retailer and bird breeder himself he quickly realised that the seed mixes available to the consumer at that time did not fulfil the needs of the serious breeder. Working with breeders and local suppliers, he brought to market the first Supablend seed mixes, which were originally sold through his Nottingham & Alfreton Supapets shops until 1997.

Today the Supablend brand is most commonly identified by the striking orange packaging of our flagship eggfood products, which Clive developed in 2005. Working together with some of the UK’s top canary breeders, the Supablend eggfood has been developed to fulfil the requirements of the breeder. It has quickly gained a popular following and our breeders are reporting excellent results with the product.

Our Supablend eggfood is available as a dry, moist or bianco variety.