Visit us at Stafford National Bird Show and enter our competition to win a box of eggfood!

eggfood drawersCome and see us at the National Exhibition at Stafford, 13th October 2013 and enter our competition to win a box of our breeder recommended eggfood. We have a cage full to bursting with eggfood drawers – the closest 5 guesses to the quantity inside the cage will win a 5 Kg box of our eggfood (we have no idea how many are in there – we’ll be counting them up after the show!).

We’ll also be giving away our orange eggfood drawers and if you win at the show and are feeding Supablend then come and let us know - we’ll give you one of our Show Winner pens and an egg torch.

We’ll also have the GreenVet products so come and see us to find out more, pick up a catalogue and purchase from this range.