Do you have a wormer product for birds?

Privirum — this is a natural wormer. In ornamental (cage) birds, we recommend using Privirum one week per month preventatively at the dosage of 1mL per liter of drinking water. If worms are suspected, give 2mL/liter for the first month, then continue at the standard dosage.
In free range poultry and game birds, use of Privirum for worm prevention is especially important. If these animals present signs of heavy infestation (they act hungry but refuse to eat, or eat but continue to lose weight, or there are signs of worms in feces or vomit), then it is best to use a traditional dewormer to clear our the infestation, and then continue with monthly prevention using Privirum. This type of severe infestation is highly unlikely in ornamental birds; it is more common in free range chickens and the like.”